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2021 Census

Information from the census is used by governments, businesses, associations, community organizations and many others to make important decisions regarding communities,  provinces, and the entire country. The information provided by each individual ensures that the 2021 Census of Population accurately reflects Canada's changing society and diverse experiences. Accurate responses give communities the information and financial resources they require to plan services that support their community via employment, schools, public transportation, government programs and hospitals.


In response to COVID-19, collection procedures for the 2021 Census have been redesigned to ensure respondents and census employees are safe by limiting the amount of contact needed to participate in this important exercise. In the case of in-person visits, census employees will be required to wear personal safety equipment (provided by Statistics Canada) as well as maintain proper physical distancing, in accordance with guidelines from public health authorities. 


There are a number of resources available on the census website to help spread awareness about the census and its importance. Feel free to use them and share them with any relevant partners who would find the information and materials useful.


Materials available include: